Wooden Rainbow Stacks 12 pcs


Wooden Rainbow Stacks 12 pcs

-Local Handmade and SNI Certified-


- Matte finishing, using a water-based paint that is safe for babies and

- Consists of 12 pcs wooden blocks, matte finishing, bevelled.

- On one side of the block, there is a modern calligraphy which is the
  hallmark of our toy, which says 'be peaceful'

- Includes drawstring pouch, for storing or carrying toys.

- Please supervise children under 3 years when playing. (Chocking



Length 34cm x Width 16cm x Height 4cm.



- Stimulate children visually, mentally and creativity.

- Included in "open-ended toys" that allow children to play according to
  their imagination and creativity.

- Can be used as a bridge, tunnel, fence, etc.

- Improve fine motor skills through arranging and arranging blocks one
  by one.

- Train the power of imagination, by arranging it to resemble a certain
  shape (bear shape, bicycle, etc.)

- Can be played by all ages, starting from toddlers, kids, even adults!

- This product can be used as room decoration or photo property.


How to clean:

To clean wooden toys, you can use a wet cloth. How to clean it, simply wipe the surface of wooden toys evenly. Besides using water, can also use cleaning fluids that are safe for children. It is not recommended to immerse wooden toys in water.



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