White Alphabet & Number Wooden Blocks⁣⁣ (Uppercase Letters)


White Alphabet & Number Wooden Blocks⁣⁣ (Uppercase Letters)

-Local handmade and SNI certified-


- Each block of wood is beveled so that there are no sharp edges.

- The writing on the block is made with waterbased paint, so it is safe for
  babies and children.

- 1 Box contains 28 wooden blocks, consisting of:

The letters A-Z are 4 sets (enough to compile 2-3 words), numbers, punctuation marks, symbols of two-dimensional images (pictures differ from Black Wooden Blocks).



- The size of 1 pc of White wooden blocks: 4 cm x 4 cm.

- Wooden box: 32cm x 19cm x 7cm.


Various functions of the alphabet wooden blocks:

- Matching Game, look for symbol pairs.

- Memory Game, remember numbers and words that are there.

- Learn to count, learn punctuation.

- Arrange words / sentences.

- Can be used to arrange the form of houses, castles, buildings, bridges,
  multi-storey buildings, or anything according to the child's imagination.

- Improve fine motor skills.

- Children can practice balance when arranging blocks. When there are
  blocks that are out of balance and fall, they will also learn the concept
  of cause and effect.

- Train children to think with the right and left brain, where the left brain
  works systematically and the right brain for imagination.

- This product can be used as room decoration or photo property.


How to clean:

To clean wooden blocks, you can use a wet cloth. How to clean it, simply wipe the surface of the wooden blocks evenly. Besides using water, can also use cleaning fluids that are safe for children. It is not recommended to immerse wooden blocks in water.



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