Handy Camera


Handy Camera

-Local Handmade and SNI Certified-


- Length 12cm , width 2cm , height 7cm.

- Weight 200gr.



- Pine wood material

- Matte Finishing, using water-based paint that is safe for babies and

- The strap can be removable.

- On one side of the block, there is a modern calligraphy which is the
  hallmark of our toy, which says 'smile'

- Includes drawstring pouch, for storing or carrying toys.



- Pretend play.

- This product can be used as room decoration or photo property.

- Recommended age to play: 2 years and above.


How to clean:

It is recommended to wipe it with a dry or damp cloth.

It is not recommended to immerse wooden toys in water.



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